The Click Moment

I had the opportunity to see Frans speak last week at the EO University in Miami about his new book.

The Click Moment refers to keeping an open and inquisitive mind to seize the moment when you think of that great new idea. Frans mentioned that he thinks it is randomness and serendipity that makes us stand out and this is where great ideas are born.

Passion, often times is the best predictor of success. If you are passionate and pour your entire heart and soul into a project or business your success chances skyrocket. Follow your passion when encountering your click moments.

TheClickMomentCover300dpi1It’s not always the large company with all of the big bucks and planning sessions that gets the job done.

Often times it is momentum and surprise that are leading indicators of success to come.

Never tell yourself, ”if that was such a good idea someone would have already thought about it!”

I ordered the book on Amazon after I saw him speak and am anxious to start looking at it. Based on his presentation I would recommend you get it too!