I am Strong!

Challenges confront each of us every day. They come in all shapes and sizes. The thing that really matters for each and every one of them is…..


How much emphasis and meaning do we attach to them and how do we use our minds to resolve them.

We can make a long list of things that could create negative images if we let them.

Is it:

Our Weaknesses?

Our Physical Flaws?


Mistakes that we have made?

Hatred for something or someone?

Sadness from an event or loss?

One person may put a mountain of emphasis on the same set of facts that someone else applies no meaning at all to. The key is to remember you are in control and you create your vision, attitude and mindset.

As Biziness Owners, Executives, Managers, Employees and Students we could worry all day long about a variety of things.


Your positive mental outlook will allow you to power through these thoughts and make the day productive and profitable.

Try this process Every Morning and see how it can positively shape your day.

Start out by describing things in your life that you feel stuck with (A). After jotting down the sticking point describe how you can take control to correct the situation (B).

For Example:

(A) I feel like I am so wrapped up in work that I am neglecting my children.

(B) I CHOOSE to plan a trip this weekend to the lake and go fishing and boating with my Son and Daughter.

After getting through the areas you feel stuck spend a little time writing down what you Appreciate in your life.

For Example:

I Appreciate the team I have assembled at my Company that work hard all day to accomplish our goals.

I Appreciate the Strength I have to get through difficult situations.

Try to put together a list of 9-10 things that you truly appreciate. You will find that this puts you in a great positive mindset allowing you to tackle the day!



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