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Last Fall I was invited to a golf outing for a local charity at one of the more Posh Country Clubs in town. Typically I golf with my buddies once a week and it is a very casual affair. This particular Fall day was a bit chilly. I chose to wear a light jacket and Jeans.

I got there, hit a few balls on the driving range and soon noticed that I was the only guy in jeans! I began to wonder if I might get kicked off by the Pro. The other guys didn’t really look that impressive, it was a sea of dockers, rumpled khaki pants and wind breakers. Many of these guys were CEO’s and Executives with local firms. It didn’t take long to realized I needed a better plan.

If you have been following this blog, you understand that I put a lot of emphasis on attitude, presence and putting yourself in a position to use your strength to get what you want. It was not a good strength move looking like I just got out of the bar at this Country Club event.


I called a good friend of mine who always is sporting the latest tour gear. He wears golf clothes that are cool and in fashion. I have to admit he has a golf game that is good enough for the days he wears his Pink Puma Garb too!

Jeff told me to take a look at . I went online looked over the clothes and ordered a few items. They showed up quickly and the clothes were awesome. I ordered the wrong size in a few things and the return process was a breeze! I have since ordered shoes, shorts, pants, jackets and even a few liners I use when I go skiing. Their stuff is high quality and priced right.


Next season I should be ready for anything! Go to the site and take a look. They have both Men’s and Women’s clothing and much much more.

I have no ownership in and they are not compensating me to write this. I only pass it along because I think you will enjoy the site and the service and pricing are Outstanding!

Have Fun!



3 thoughts on “Golf Attire

  1. I’m gonna have to step up my dress and game this year. I’m a fan of having clothes fit you correct which makes them comfortable. Curious to hear where people buy golf attire online or in a store as I’m starting a new online golf store to accomplish comfy and cool. Give me some feedback as to what you want during your online experience.

    Tip #1 for this years season: get the bottom of your golf pants slitted in a v-shape so they fit on your shoes correct. Nobody wants to see your socks!

    Hit em straight and look good while doing so.


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